Get Moving With The LG Tone? Wireless Headset

Don't you hate it when wires from your headphones get tangled when do household work, walk the dog, work out, or type on your computer?

It's quite a nuisance dealing with wires. That's why using wireless headphones is a great option. There are many wireless mp3 players that allow you to listen to music without the hassle of wires. And, there are many wireless Bluetooth headsets you can use to talk on the phone wirelessly. However, there aren't many devices that allow you to both talking on the phone and listen to music.

The LG Tone? (HBS-700) Wireless Stereo Headset allows you to listen to your music with the convenience of Bluetooth technology.

At first, the product seems...interesting. It is a horseshoe-shaped headset with the headphones magnetically tucked away. You have to wear the LG Tone? around your neck, which at first feels strange. But, once the device is in use, it makes perfect sense.

The LG Tone? is very light; you barely notice it's there. The ear buds stay in your ears so you don't have to deal with missing a tune or conversation due to an ear bud falling out. If you take an ear bud out and let it drop, the magnets catch it; there's never anything hanging.

The LG Tone? is easy to set up too. It literally takes one minute to add the device to your phone, computer, iPad or tablet. The directions are easy to follow and understand. It takes a few times to use the

LG Tone? to remember the functions and what buttons to use, but other than that it's easy to work.

The audio sounds impeccable. It's very clean; you don't hear static or skipped tunes if you are moving around. The buttons on the device make it easy to press play, adjust volume, switch songs, dial or answer a call.  

LG Tone? allows you to listen to music, make or receive calls all on one device. If you want to take the dog out for a walk, you don't need to worry about your headphones getting tangled with the leash. Simply place the LG Tone? around your neck and head out the door.

Besides walking the dog, the LG Tone? is ideal for working on your computer, lounging around the house, daily household chores, riding a bike, or a light workout session. For high endurance activities, such as running, the LG Tone? is not the best device. It keeps bouncing around leaving red marks around the neck. However, if you break a sweat, don't worry; the LG Tone? is water resistant. It's especially great for driving.

The LG Tone? lies around your neck. When a call comes in, you can plug one ear piece in and have a conversation effortlessly. Note: Listening to music on the headset while driving is not recommended and illegal in some states.

Other features the LG Tone? offers include:

  • Sliding power switch
  • Noise reduction
  • Echo cancellation
  • Automatic reconnection
  • Android? OS Application: Reads incoming text messages

The LG Tone? costs $69.99 and can be purchased at, Sprint, Fry's, and Radio Shack.

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