Fitness Gear Review: Morph Collapsible Foam Roller

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A foam roller.

When you subject your body to frequent exercise and intense training, your muscles often cry for help. When soreness arises, people often turn to various forms of muscle recovery, and a self-massage with a foam roller is one of the most popular methods.

But what happens when you have a business trip or vacation coming up? Surely you can't fit that large cylinder in your travel bag.

Will the gym at the hotel have a roller? Unlikely.

The Morph Collapsible Foam Roller by Brazyn Life has a solution to this issue.


A foam roller.

Packing for a trip is difficult enough. If you have trouble fitting the essentials in your bag, imagine trying to squeeze a foam roller in there, too.

With a simple push against the inside, the Morph collapses into a flat shape, making it easy to slide into a laptop pocket of a backpack, side pocket of a duffel bag, or slim zipper compartment of a suitcase. Once you're ready to take it out and put it to work, simply pull the strings on the outside.

The opening and collapsing process is simple and instantaneous, making for a very convenient product.

A foam roller.


Our initial thought was that, although the ability to flatten the roller was convenient, it was unlikely the roller would actually be effective.

We were wrong.

The Morph felt just as effective as some of the best rollers on the market. The overall strength of the roller did not disappoint, and the bumps or "nub" shapes in the foam helped relieve adhesion and massage trigger points in the muscles.

A foam roller.