Favorite Workouts from Top Fitness Trainers

Ross Rayburn's Favorite Yoga Routine 

Peloton yoga instructor, Ross Rayburn, knows a thing or two about yoga. He also has a ton of experience squeezing workouts in while on the airplane. In fact, he's flown over 3 million miles since 2007 to teach yoga around the world. He's also taught yoga in 37 countries and on every continent (except for Antarctica). Here, he shares four yoga poses for airline travel. 

Crossed Ankle Twist (during the flight)
Benefit: a great pose to relive low back stiffness.

Sit tall towards the front of the airplane seat. Extend the legs as straight as possible. 
Keeping one foot on the floor, cross the right ankle over the left. Scissor action in the legs, squeezing inner thigh muscles together. Place both hands on the left arm rest, twisting to the left while keeping the inner thigh squeeze going—hold for three slow breaths. Keeping the legs the same, twist toward the right arm rest. Change the ankle cross and repeat the twist in both directions. 

Seated Backbend (during the flight)
Benefit: helps to relieve upper back and neck strain.

Sit tall a few inches away from back seat. Hold arm rests with elbows back toward the seat. Press the back of your head firmly into the headrest. Lift your chest toward the ceiling creating an upper back bend. Hold for three slow full breaths. Lower chin to chest expanded. Repeat.

Pyramid Pose (after the flight)
Benefit: one way to relieve the pain and strain felt on the low back.

Stand with feet about two feet apart, front foot pointing forward, back foot slightly turned out. Place hands on the back of a chair (or the handle of your carry-on bag). Keeping both legs straight and strong, bend forward, bending the elbows. Stick your bottom out behind you until you feel the low back move toward an inward curve (the opposite of rounding your lower back). Repeat with second foot forward.

Clasped Hands Behind the Back (after the flight)
Benefit: stretching the chest muscles and relieving neck tension.

Stand with your feet hip distance apart. Bend the knees slightly to engage the leg muscles (imagine having to hike up a mountain). Keeping the legs strong, stand with legs straight. Clasp hands behind the back. Puff up your chest like a cartoon superhero. Keep your head and neck steady (avoid jutting head and neck forward). Stretch your arms longer with hands still clasped. Switch the clasp (index fingers switch position). Repeat.

Quianna Camper's Challenging Core & Cardio Circuit

Pairing core moves with cardio blasts is what Quianna Camper, AAAI/ISMA certified personal trainer with RSP Nutrition, does best. Here, she shares her challenging core and cardio circuit that you can do at home, in the gym or anywhere you can find some space. 

Perform each exercise continuously for one minute. Rest for 30 seconds. Then, move to the next exercise. Camper says you can complete each circuit three to five times with a two-minute break each round.

1 minute of jump lunges 
30 seconds rest
1 minute of seated knee tucks
30 second rest
1 minute of side plank dips
30 seconds of rest
1 minute of alternating plank knee tucks
30 seconds of rest
1 minute lateral squat jumps with high knee
30 seconds of rest

Jump Lunges
Start in a neutral stance, shoulder-width apart. Push off both feet, exploding straight and landing into a lunge with your right leg in front. Alternate and repeat for a full minute. 

Seated Knee Tucks
In a seated position, place your hands on the floor at your side with your legs fully extended forward and lean back. Bend your legs bringing your knees to your chest. Hold for two seconds and fully extend your legs out without touching the floor. Repeat.

Side Plank Dips
Lie on your side placing your hand on the floor (modify by placing elbow on floor), make sure you're right underneath your shoulders. Place one foot on top of the other, allowing your body to be in neutral position. Dip your hips down toward the floor and lift them higher than neutral. Repeat.

Alternating Plank Knee Tucks
Start in a plank position, hands under your shoulders and feet shoulder-width apart. Bring your left knee to your right elbow, crunching in your core, bringing your left leg back out to starting position. Switch to your right leg to left elbow. Alternate the movement and repeat.

Lateral Squat Jumps with High Knee
Start with your legs in a wide stance past shoulder-width, feet facing forward. Shift your body weight to the right into a side lunge position. Touch the floor with your left hand, while left leg remains straight. Push off with your right leg jumping onto your left leg, placing right leg down. Step out onto your left leg, push off with your left leg, jumping onto your right leg. Alternate the movement and repeat. 

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