6 Ways to Stay Fit During Summer Vacation

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Ahh, summer vacation is a time to travel and let it all hang loose. But if you plan ahead, you can stay healthy and fit while enjoying time off.

One of the easiest ways to exercise while on vacation is to stay in hotels that have fitness centers. Make fitness a natural part of your summer vacation. Every little bit helps. If you burn an extra 100 calories every day for a year, you can lose up to 10 pounds.

Walk Before You Fly

If you have long layovers in airports, walk your time away. Many airports have art exhibits or museums so your mind will stay active, too.

Sightsee by Bicycle

Find out if your destination has a bicycle path, then rent bikes and get a closer look at the area while pedaling through. For a slower pace, ask if your vacation spot has a self-guided walking tour.

Try Something New

Whether you're traveling or enjoying a "staycation," try something new. How about stand-up paddling or kite-surfing? Ever wanted to learn ballroom dancing? Now's a great time. You'll always remember this summer as the time you learned to dance.

Plan an Active Vacation

Plan a trip specifically to bicycle through mountains, ride horses through the countryside or surf on a tropical island. Tour companies specialize in providing all the arrangements for you. Your only job will be to have fun.

Pack Snacks

Pack healthy protein or nut bars in your daypack in case you find yourself out and about for hours. You can eat the bars anytime, anywhere, keeping yourself energized. When you finally sit down for lunch or dinner, you'll be well-balanced and make healthy choices.

Lotta Water

Stay hydrated while you're out having fun. Drinking water during your summer activities will assure a healthy, balanced body and mind.

When you plan fitness as part of your summer vacation, you'll return home feeling revitalized, and ready to bring that momentum into your daily life.

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