5 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

When it comes to heart health, even the smallest lifestyle changes can make a difference.

The 200,000 deaths caused by heart disease each year in the United States could be prevented through changes by individuals, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These recommended changes aren't complicated.

You can increase your amount of physical activity, create safe and inviting places to exercise, maintain a balanced diet of whole foods, or reduce the amount of salt in the foods you eat—all have positive effects on your heart.

Try a New Physical Activity

Most couples and families are competitive when it comes to games and sports. Why not channel that competitive nature and challenge each other to a physical activity? Spending just one hour a day tackling a new adventure, such as geocaching, can help your heart and cardiovascular system grow stronger and fitter.

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Use Each Other to De-Stress

After a long day in the office, plan an outing where you can unwind and relieve stress. The connection between stress and heart disease isn't fully clear, but the Heart and Stroke Foundation says high stress levels may lead to higher cholesterol and blood pressure, and a greater chance of developing heart disease. Try heated yoga to relieve stress, detoxify, stretch your muscles, and get your blood flowing.

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