5 Tips to Improve Your Bench Press

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Improve Your Full Body Timing and Coordination

Many people make the mistake that bench pressing is solely an upper body exercise, when actuality is involves your full body to maximize it's full potential.

Here is how you can use your entire body:

  • When you are at the bottom of your bench press, drive your feet into the floor firmly and explode the bar up as quickly as possible.
  • By timing the push from your feet with the pressing of your arms, you will essentially be utilizing your full body and dramatically increasing your ability to bench-press!
  • Training your body to function as a single unit will not only blast off your bench press, but transfer to other areas of competition which will provide you with a distinct edge over your competition.

Flex Your Mental Muscle

If you want to improve your bench press, try adding a power thought to it. If you know where you want to go, believe you are already there and combine it with action. It will not be long till you are blasting your bench press numbers through the roof.

To see this in action let's use a power thought for benching 300 pounds.

The Power Thought we will use is:

"I can bench 300, and I will bench 300!"

How to combine this with your bench is simple...

On the eccentric portion of the lift, the lower phase say:

"I can bench 300..."

On the concentric portion of the lift, the rising phase say:

"I will bench 300!!!"

Over time you will build the mind and body connection you need. Every workout will bring you closer to this goal, and you will achieve your desired result sooner than you think.

Want More Workout Tips?

Once you achieve your goal, then just reassess your power thought and use this same template. It can be used effectively for any exercise and will bring you greater results in your training if you apply it regularly.

I am 100 percent confident if you improve just one of the above areas mentioned above your bench press will increase. However if you improve all five, then your bench will reach new heights never imagined before. The key with anything is to be persistent and stay focused on your goal. Do not be distracted, always keep your eye on the prize and you will be all you can be!