5 Arm Exercises to Get You Ready for Your Wedding

The big day is coming, and you want to look your best in your sleeveless or strapless wedding dress. Take away any doubts you might have about your upper body and walk down the aisle with confidence by including a few simple arm exercises into your routine.

Finding time to workout while dealing with the stresses of wedding invitations, seating arrangements and floral d?cor can be difficult. These simple, quick exercises are sure to give you toned arms and still leave you time for crucial wedding planning. Complete these moves three times a week with 5- or 10-pound dumbbells to get your arms wedding-day ready.

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1. Triceps pushup

A twist on the traditional pushup, the triceps pushup will prevent bulkiness in your biceps by transferring the majority of strain to your triceps.

To do a triceps pushup, get into a traditional pushup position, put your knees on the floor with feet in the air, and keep hands just within shoulder width. Next, you'll tighten your abs and bend your arms, bringing your chest close to the floor. Make sure to keep your back straight and, as your body goes down, keep your elbows bent behind you, not out to the sides. Push your weight up and repeat for 10-12reps.

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2. Overhead extension

One of the best exercises for your entire triceps muscle group, overhead extensions will help tone and strengthen the back of the arm.

To do an overhead extension, stand with your feet at shoulder width and hold a single dumbbell with both hands behind your head, elbows bent. Lift the dumbbell as straight as possible and lower it back behind your head. Repeat for10-12 reps.

3. Curls

The tried and true bicep curl will give you the right amount of definition in your arms.

To do a bicep curl, stand with feet shoulder-width apart and hold a dumbbell in each hand with palms facing forward. Keep your arms as close to your sides as possible and bend your elbow toward your shoulders. Lower your arms and repeat for 10- 12 reps.

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4. Side lateral raise

Including shoulder exercises is vital to toning your arms in a strapless dress. This exercise will give your shoulders great definition.

Hold a dumbbell in each hand by your side at arms length. Keep your palms facing in (toward you) and feet directly below your hips. While keeping your torso straight, extend your arms with elbows slightly bent until your arms are parallel to the floor. Lower your arms and repeat for 10-12 reps.

5. Horizontal row

This exercise strengthens your posterior deltoids (the muscle just beneath your shoulders), a useful exercise if you're wearing a backless wedding dress.

To do the horizontal row, put one hand and knee on a bench, grasping a dumbbell with the other hand. Be sure to keep your back straight with knees aligned under your hips. Holding the dumbbell, keep your palms facing toward your leg and lift the weight up until your upper arm is parallel to the floor. Repeat 10-12 reps.

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