3 Workouts to Strengthen Your Knees

3. Double Calf Stretch

Double Calf stretch exercise

Place balls of feet on rolled towel or yoga mat.

Bend at hips, lift tailbone, and rest hands on chair or thighs.

Hold one minute. Repeat after each strength move.

4 Moves to slim, sculpt and < rel="nofollow"a href="http://www.prevention.com/health/fitness/strength-training/love-your-belly-butt-and-thighs/article/9eea9f8e37e28110VgnVCM20000012281eac____?cm_mmc=Active-_-One%20Woman%203%20Workouts%20Knees-_-Article-_-Love%20Your%20Belly%20Butt%20Thighs" title="article" target="_blank">lift your lower body trouble spots in just 3 weeks.

Secret Weapon: The BOSU

Strengthen the small connective muscles at your knees by standing barefoot atop a BOSU, which is half of an exercise ball. Put one heel on the rounded side, the other leg lifted a few inches. Hold for three minutes per leg; do three to five times a week. ($100 for BOSU Balance Trainer and four DVDs; bosu.com)

Workout #2

Suzanne Nottingham, fitness trainer and author of Nordic Walking for Total Fitness

Walking Wonder

The Plan: Swapping running for pole walking will give Jenn a heart-pumping cardio workout while protecting her knees. She can also build more joint stability by trading in her machine-based strength-training regimen for the exercises below, which involve more muscles to execute each move.

Top Toners

1. Nordic Walking

Nordic walking to straighten knee

Walking with poles takes pressure off knees. Train with poles at least 45 minutes four times a week, walking at a moderate to brisk pace. Two months prior to the climb, increase walking sessions to 60 minutes five times a week. Three weeks before, add in two long treks of two hours each.

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