3 Tips to Survive a Winter Boot Camp

Let's face it; it's much more appealing to get outside and exercise in the cool breeze of fall with the sunlight up above, than in the cold, dark and sometimes rainy/snowy days of the winter. But every year, winter comes and you still need to find a way to do your workouts.

When you choose to do a winter boot camp, you will encounter times where it is dark, rainy, or cold. However, you don't have to forgo working out this winter. Follow these tips and you'll be on your way to keeping your summer body throughout the year.

Be Realistic

You know wintertime means cooler temperatures, rainy weather and daylight savings time. So, make sure you plan ahead in order to maximize your workouts. If you hate working out in the dark, then consider getting up early to do an outdoor boot camp class in the morning. You'll catch a bit of daylight with the sunrise and you'll start your day with an awesome workout.

Remember to Layer

Cold weather can discourage anyone from working out. When you head outdoors to work out, dress in layers. Dressing in layers makes it easier to control your comfort level as the temperature changes. You can use a combination of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets. Or, gear up with Under Armour clothing that is designed to help regulate your body temperature during workouts. Take some time to find clothing that will suit your wintertime workouts.

In some parts of the country people don't have to deal with harsh winter temperatures, blustering winds or snow. However, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't take the winter temperatures seriously. When exercising outdoors, pay close attention to your feet. Cold feet can severely affect the quality of your workout.

If you notice that your feet are unusually cold, invest in some comfy, but thick socks. Materials such as wool or fleece may be beneficial in helping your feet stay warm and dry. While it may not seem necessary to purchase such items, if you are experiencing discomfort due to cold temperatures you may find it helpful to consider changing your socks.

Protect Your Skin

Another tip to working out in the wintertime is to protect your skin. Applying petroleum jelly to your face in the cold can help protect against the wind. Don't forget sunscreen and lip balm with SPF. Even though it may be wintertime, the sun is still a threat to your skin. Therefore, do everything you can to protect yourself against cold temperature and wintertime sunburns (yes that can happen).

Finally, remember to enjoy your workout. Exercising outdoors doesn't have to be a chore or unpleasant. Stay lean and strong throughout the year, regardless of harsh temperatures or weather conditions.

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