3 Poses to Help You Get Started with TRX Yoga

Sick of the same old yoga moves? Take your practice to a whole new level with a new favorite workout in the fitness world that blends TRX training with yoga.

TRX is suspension training using suspended straps that allow you to work out against your body weight. When combined with yoga, it deepens stretches and boosts the demand on your muscles.

Yogaworks, a yoga studio with locations in both California and New York is known for its TRX yoga classes. Maeve McCaffrey, director of programming and teacher management at YogaWorks, has a few key poses for those interested in trying out this hybrid workout.

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Move One: Side Plank (Vasisthasana)

TRX Yoga TRX Yoga

Put your feet in the TRX foot cradles and engage the abdomen for plank pose, stacking your shoulders over your hands. To make it a little easier, place your shoulders over the elbows on your forearms, eventually working your way to the hands as the single point of contact.

Turn your body to the right (if on your forearms, turn your hands as well) right foot slightly forward of the left. Energetically, draw your legs toward each other and stretch your right arm into the air with your left arm supporting your body. Keep your core engaged and hold the pose for five breaths. Turn back into the plank position and repeat on the left side.

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