3 Exercise Tests to Assess Fitness Levels


This test estimates your VO2 max, a measure of aerobic capacity, or how easy it would be for you to maintain a sustained effort. Walk as fast as you can (without jogging) for one mile. Record your time and heart rate. Right after the test, find your pulse and count the number of beats in 15 seconds. Multiply that by four. 

Use this formula to get your score:

132.853(0.1692 x weight in kilograms)(0.3877 x age in years)(3.2649 x time in minutes)(0.1565 x heart rate in beats per minute)

To calculate your weight in kilograms, multiple your weight in pounds by 0.454.

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Level: Needs Improvement/Fair

Ages 20-29: <39.4

Ages 30-39: <37.6

Ages 40-49: <35.8

Level: Good

Ages 20-29: 39.5-43.8

Ages 30-39: 37.7-42.3

Ages 40-49: 35.9-39.5

Level: Very Good/Excellent

Ages 20-29: 43.9+

Ages 30-39: 42.4+

Ages 40-49: 39.6+

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