22 Butt-Kicking Kettlebell Moves

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2. One-handed kettlebell swing

Targets: Shoulders, back, hips, glutes, legs
Level: Beginner-Intermediate

How to: This movement is the same as the two-handed swing, except using only one hand at a time. Swing the kettlebell up with one arm, but still swing the other arm to help drive momentum. Alternate hands when the kettlebell is behind the legs; aim for 10 to 12 reps with each arm.

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3. Two-arm kettlebell row

Targets: Back, arms, shoulders
Level: Beginner-Intermediate

How to: Grab two kettlebells for this one. (Double the pleasure, double the fun, right?) Place them in front of the feet and bend the knees slightly. Next, bend over to grab both kettlebells and pull them towards the stomach, keeping the elbows close to the body and the back straight. Lower the weights, repeat for 12 to 15 reps max, feel like a champ.

4. Kettlebell figure-8

Targets: Arms, back, abs
Level: Intermediate

How to: Looking to impress a certain someone at the gym? Then try this: Start with legs a bit wider than hip-width distance apart, and lower yourself into a quarter-squat position. Keep the back straight and chest up. Grab the kettlebell with the left hand and swing it around the outside of the left leg and then back between the legs. Next, pass the kettlebell to the right hand and swing it around the outside of the right leg. Keep this motion going, similar to the classic basketball drill. Can you do a minute straight? Be sure to switch directions half-way through.

5. Kettlebell high pull

Targets: Shoulders, arms, glutes, legs
Level: Intermediate

How to: Turn those toes out 45 degrees with feet a bit wider than shoulder-width apart. Place the kettlebell on the ground between both legs and begin to squat while keeping the core engaged, and grip the kettlebell handle with one hand. Then, using force from the hips, push through the heels to rise to standing, pulling the kettlebell upwards while the elbow drives up. Lower back down and switch arms. Shoot for 10 to 12 for each arm.

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