15 No-Sweat Home Workouts


There's a small balance tool called a Dyna Disc (lifestylesport.com)—a wobbly plastic pillow that I put under the sink in the bathroom. I stand on it while I wash my face. I also balance on one leg while putting on makeup, and do squats while drying my hair. —Jennifer Mrozek Sukalo

Get a nonskid plastic step stool for the bathroom. Stand on top and lunge back and tap a toe on the floor while brushing your teeth. Do a minute on each side. —Patricia Moreno

Sandwich your shower with a mini-workout: As the water is heating up, whipoff a set of crunches on the bath mat. After you loosen your muscles in the warm water, towel off, then do some stretches. —Ellen Barrett, star of the DVD series Prevention Fitness Systems: Flat Belly Workout


Leave a pair of dumbbells by the bedroom door. Grab them on your way out and do walking lunges for great butt and thigh toning. Put the dumbbells down in another high-traffic spot so they're ready for the next round. —Stella Sandoval

Clear clutter from staircases so that you can use every trip to firm your thighs: Head upstairs two steps at a time, or one at a time as fast as you can, or go up backward to increase balance and coordination (hold rail for safety). Or try going up sideways, crisscrossing as you step. —Minna Lessig, star of the DVD Tank Top Arms, Bikini Belly, Boy Shorts Bottom

Stash a basket by the front door with everything you need for a walk: dog leash and toys; shoes, sweatshirt, and hat; fanny pack for ID, keys, money, cell phone, and iPod. —Stella Sandoval
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