13 Tricks to Amp Up Your Workout Plan

Longing for the good old days when every workout felt fresh, challenging, and left a welcomed soreness for the next few days? It's easy to get stuck in a exercise routine that's, well, simply a routine. While going through the motions of a "ho hum" workout may be better than no workout at all, this uninspired approach won't likely lead to significant improvements either. From supersets to adding instability, read on for 13 scientifically-backed ways to get the most out of your gym time.

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Kick Your Own Butt—Your Action Plan

Exercise programs need to be modified regularly in order to see and feel continual results, but it can be difficult to adopt and stick with a new exercise routine. The solution: A proactive plan of action that injects new life into a boring workout routine and provides motivation to do more than simply "get to the gym." Here are 13 techniques that can help anyone break through a fitness plateau and find satisfaction in a challenging new exercise regimen.

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1. Watch the Clock

Workouts often suffer from too much time spent chit-chatting and too many trips to the water fountain. Research shows short, intense workouts offer the best results, so grab a stopwatch and use it to tell you when it's time to work and time to rest. Also remember to pack your water bottle so that you can stay hydrated with zero travel time.

For a killer workout pace, try allowing just 60 seconds of rest between each set to add a cardiovascular element to the workout. This increases fat-burning while packing on lean muscle.

2. Superset Strength and Cardio

People often think of strength training and cardio exercise as two separate beasts, but this doesn't have to be the case. Adding a cardio interval such as jumping rope, or 20-second sprints will rev the metabolism while still allowing for added strength.

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