The Diet Detective: Different Ways to Burn Calories and Stay Active

Handball vs. Rollerblading vs. Juggling

Rollerblading and handball burn the same amount of calories—a whopping 840 per hour. Rollerblading is a great way to sightsee, enjoy a park or socialize. Handball requires much less equipment—just a wall and a bouncy rubber ball. Now, juggling is a skill that I could never master; however, if you have the knack—and can keep it going for an hour—you can burn as many as 280 calories (about 11 Hershey's Kisses).

Golf (using a power cart) vs. Fishing (in a stream)

Golfing has a few exercise problems. First: Many courses don't allow walking because it slows down the game. Second: All that clubhouse socializing, with lots of drinking and eating, packs on the pounds. And last: Golfing often stops people from doing other forms of more intense activities. Golfing with a cart burns 245 calories an hour (about 1/2 cup premium Ice Cream), whereas fly-fishing in a stream (including walking in the water wearing waders) burns as much as 420 calories (one slice of pan crust with meats).

However, if you ditch the cart (and the clubhouse snacks) you'd be looking at a wonderful exercise burning 315 calories per hour (a fast food cheeseburger). Also, keep in mind that miniature golf and hitting balls at a driving range burn about 210 calories in an hour.

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Sexual Activity (vigorous) vs. Vacuuming or Mopping

Sex burns calories, but not nearly as many as you might believe. You're looking at 105 calories (about 1 tablespoon of butter) per hour, and with the average encounter lasting only 12 minutes, including foreplay, there's not much of a burn there. In terms of calories, you might be better off vacuuming or mopping the house, which can burn as many as 245 calories (about 61 Reese's Pieces candies) but probably won't be as much fun.

Badminton vs. Archery (non-hunting) vs. Pool

With a net, a birdie (that's the thing you hit) and a racquet, you can play badminton right in your back yard, burning 315 calories (one serving of steamed shrimp dumplings) per hour. You can get a set for about $49.95 (Carlton Badminton Recreational Set at Archery burns a bit less at 245 calories (about one McDonald's Hamburger) and costs a bit more to get started. Playing pool is as simple as going to your neighborhood bar or pool hall and will burn as much as 175 calories (about two Cinnamon Sticks) per hour.

Frisbee vs. Darts vs. Bowling

Believe it or not, bowling burns as many calories as Frisbee—about 210 calories (two light beers) per hour. But for a real workout, try playing Ultimate Frisbee (sort of like soccer, football and rugby with a flying disc), which burns 560 calories per hour (3 1/3 ounces of Planters Mixed Nuts). And good, old-fashioned darts burns about 175 calories per hour.

Horseshoes vs. Shuffleboard

Both of these common activities for retirees, cruise ship voyagers and kids in camp burn 210 calories (three pancakes) per hour.

All exercise equivalents are based on a 155-pound person.

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