How to Lose 100 Pounds

Like Jaylene, be aware of this so it doesn't mentally trip you up. Put your focus on how much more energy you have and how good you feel about yourself, rather than a number on a scale. A number should not determine your attitude.

3-Portion Control—Princess Style

Learn to eat until satisfied, rather than full, is an important awareness that is developed between your mind and body. To help you in this process, switch the size of your plates and bowls. The visual of having a full plate of food on a smaller plate, will help you to communicate to your brain that you have eaten enough.

As silly as it may be, Jaylene implemented this strategy in her own way and it worked for her. She says, "When I first started trying to cut back on how much I ate, it was slightly disheartening to see a giant plate with such a small portion of food on it So, I began serving myself meals on my granddaughter's princess plates. Before you know it I had the whole family eating off of them. I eventually just got rid of all of my dinner sized dishes and bought all new salad sized ones." 

Experiment with this strategy and find what works for you. Shopping for dishes can be a fun and enjoyable experience as you discover square plates, flower shaped plates, fruit shaped plates, and unique sized saucers at novelty stores or even vintage shops.

4-Fit or Fat—It's a Mind-set Thing

Many clients start off without the knowledge of how to eat fit. They may naturally go for a packaged food that is marketed towards dieters or assume they should just incorporate more vegetables and wheat products, all in an effort to diet. In reality, they could be adding to their weight issue instead of helping it.  Jaylene said, "I honestly had no idea what it meant to eat healthy. I had spent my life eating whatever sounded good." 

The key to long term weight maintenance is simple good nutrition. If a food you choose has a list of ingredients a mile long, don't eat it. It is filled with preservatives, additives and processing that is not worthy of your consumption and could even be making it more difficult to lose weight.

Focus on the shortest list of ingredients possible. How many ingredients are in grilled ahi tuna? Just one—tuna. What are the ingredients in broiled asparagus? Just one—asparagus. The rule of thumb is, combine simple fresh foods closest to their natural state.

In addition, there is an easy mindset question that will surely get your head in the right place instantaneously. It is introduced in the book, Burn Your Fat Pants, as a key mental strategy. When you choose your next snack or meal, ask yourself, "Will this food make me feel fit or will it make me feel fat?"
There's no hiding from the truth. Simply asking yourself this question to shift you from emotional eating and get you thinking consciously. Remind yourself of your commitment to lose weight.

5-Align Yourself with the Right People

Weight loss doesn't have to be difficult. Shift your thoughts; recognize your struggles and use it as an opportunity to develop new habits.

To transition with ease, intentionally surround yourself with fit-minded people. Doing so can strategically place you in a key position to welcomed change. If you hang out with people who think sitting in front of a TV all evening is fun, then you may find yourself doing the same. It is basic human behavior; those that you spend time with have a great influence on your psyche. Because you are making an effort to create new behaviors, you must engage in activities with those who support your goals to get fit and healthy. Influential fit-friends can help encourage you to adopt both a new mind-set and way of life; which makes it easier to lose weight and maintain a body you can love.

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De'Anna Nunez, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Nutrition Specialist, NLP Mental Coach and Marathoner. Founder of the Mind Body Fit Club Program, A Weight Loss Journey with Girlfriends.

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