Blast Fat With This Partner Workout

I love working out with a buddy. I always push myself harder, it makes it really hard to skip a workout if you're meeting someone and best of all—it's fun.

Sometimes working out with a buddy means you meet at the gym and do your own thing, maybe spend some time side by side on a cardio machine. This workout is meant to be done together and forces both of you to challenge yourselves and each other.

Your partner is responsible for your timing and reps plus we've thrown in some intervals that require two people to complete.

Grab a friend, head to the gym and check out this awesome workout for two.


The exercise pairs are designed to be done by two people side by side.This workout can be done at the gym or substituting resistance bands for the cable machine at home.

  • The person "holding" will stay in their pose until their buddy completes the reps of the second exercise before switching so that each person will perform each exercise twice.
  • In between the pairs are partner exercises which take two people to perform.

What You'll Need:

  • Exercise ball
  • Dumbbells
  • Bosu ball
  • Medicine ball
  • Cable machine or resistance bands

The Workout

Partner One (hold): Plank on Exercise Ball

Partner Two (15 reps per side): Cable Front Deltoid Row

Partner Move: Patty Cake Plank Modification

Set up in the basic forearm plank facing your partner.

  • Extend opposite hands to "clap" with your partner.
  • Return to starting position and switch hands.
  • "Patty Cake" 20 times at a fast pace while holding proper planking form. Don't let your hips sway.

Partner One (hold): Squats on Bosu

Partner Two (15 reps): Cable Lunge With Row

Partner Move: Medicine Ball Throw to Push Up

This challenging combo move can only be done with a partner.

  • Get into the modified push up position about 10 feet away from your partner.
  • While partner one does a pushup, partner two raises the ball overhead and throws it down so that it bounces once before quickly dropping into a push up.
  • Partner one hops up from the push up to catch the ball and lifts it overhead to throw it back to partner two and then goes back into the push up.

Repeat so that one partner is throwing while one partner is doing a push up. Speed it up to make it a challenging cardio interval as well as a killer upperbody workout.

Partner One (15 reps): Alternating Shoulder Press

Partner Two (15 reps): Dumbbell Flyes

Partner Move: Burpee Race

  • See who can complete 10 burpees first. Loser refills the water bottles.

Partner One (15 reps): Lateral raise to front raise

Partner Two (15 reps): Pushup to Row

Partner Move: Walking Lunges Race

  • Race across the room doing lunges.

Finish with some stretches for the quads, hamstrings and upper back.

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