7-Minute Jump Rope Circuit for Core Strength

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Core strength makes everything from racing in a triathlon and running a marathon to gardening and taking out the trash easier. Your core is at the center of everything you do, which is why it's important to give it the attention and workout it needs.

While sit ups, crunches and abdominal machines are worthy tools to build your core, they can get repetitive and boring. A weighted jump rope workout is one unconventional and challenging alternative to strengthen your core.

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Traditional core exercises are often done in a prone or supine position to focus on engaging and isolating the abdominals or the lower back. By rotating a heavy jump rope around your body you generate a force that is constantly changing direction. That means that your back and abdominal muscle groups need to work hard to stabilize your body, keep your balance, and control your pace.

Here is a sample heavy rope workout that uses a 1.25-pound and 2-pound rope from the Crossrope Brute Set.

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7-Minute Heavy Rope Circuit for Core Strength

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Alternating weighted ropes enables you to train at different paces. With the 1.25-pound rope you should push the tempo and knock out as many reps as you can in one minute for each set. The 2-pound rope is heavy enough to make jumping continuously for a full minute challenging at any pace. Try adding footwork and lateral movement for a more advanced workout.

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Crossrope Types

Power Rope: The Crossrope Power cable at 1.25 pounds is heavy enough for any jumper looking for a training challenge, but can be used by beginners with just a little practice. Long sessions are difficult, but possible. It's best for short, intense intervals.

Strength Rope: The Crossrope Strength cable at 2 pounds is the second heaviest rope in the Crossrope series. This rope will elevate your heart rate quickly and provide a tough upper-body workout. Make sure to get a good grip on the handles when using this rope because it will generate a lot of force.

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