5 Exercise Ball Moves for a Full Body Workout

You probably never thought you could get a total body workout on an exercise ball. But it's true. Your body will work just as hard with this exercise ball routine as it does on a weight machine or with free weights.

It's amazing that one piece of equipment can work your body in so many different ways. One added benefit to using the exercise ball instead of weight machine equipment is that these exercises force your body into becoming more agile and not relying on cables or seats for balance.

Some of the exercises in this routine require dumbbells. But you'll be using the exercise ball and your own body weight to provide the bulk of the resistance in this workout.

Exercise Ball Flutter Kicks

Step 1

Begin in a kneeling position with your upper legs and torso sitting up tall and a exercise ball positioned in front of you.

Step 2

Roll onto the ball until your hips are centered on top and your hands are positioned on the floor in front of you

Step 3

Lift your legs parallel to the floor and alternately kick your legs up and down.

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