21 Weight-Loss Tricks in One Minute

All you need is a minute to start shedding pounds! Here are successful strategies to cut calories and burn fat that take 60 seconds or less. With about 1,000 waking minutes in every day, you'll find plenty of opportunities to slip these tips into your routine and watch the scale go down. If you've already begun your weight loss, these tricks can maximize your efforts and speed results.

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1. Mix a Juice Spritzer

Combine your favorite juice (half of your usual amount) with plain or sparkling water. You can cut up to 85 calories per glass—and lose 5 pounds or more a year.

2. Walk While you Talk

Burn calories while you talk on the phone: Do the laundry (68 calories), set the table (85 calories), or water plants (102 calories).

Values based on a 150-pound person and 30 minutes of activity.

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3. Study the Wrapper

At a quick glance, that candy bar appears to contain 220 calories. But a closer look may reveal that it (or a bottle of juice, bag of crackers or bag of nuts) provides two or more servings—which more than doubles those calories.

4. Sip Green Tea Before a Walk

The caffeine frees fatty acids so that you burn fat more easily. And the polyphenols (antioxidant compounds) in green tea appear to work with caffeine to increase calorie burn. (If you have high blood pressure, skip this tip.)

5. Pack a Lunch

Dining out more than five times a week may make you eat more—nearly 300 calories a day—than if you dine out less frequently.

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