Transgender Cyclocross Racer Allowed to Register for Men's Nationals

Molly Cameron has competed as a professional cyclocross racer for over 11 years. She's raced at the UCI World Championships, placed second in the 30-39 category at cross nationals in 2013, and just this year won the Wheelers and Dealers portion of the CLIF Bar CrossVegas race. She's been very successful, all while racing in the men's classification.

Cameron, a Portland native who manages a bike shop, is transgender. She was designated male at birth, and began her transition over 20 years ago.

Just last week USA Cycling barred her from registering for the 40+ men's race at this year's nationals.

A USA Cycling rule that had previously not prevented Cameron from racing in the men's category states that a competitor must race with the sex stated on his or her driver's license. Suddenly, this long-ignored rule would keep Cameron from competing in the category she's always raced in.

However, the USAC reversed its decision and will waive the portion of its rulebook that previously restricted Cameron from racing in her preferred category.

This USAC rule is at odds with the Olympic rulebook, which states that an athlete must compete in the sex they were assigned at birth. Due to this conflict and the recent uproar over banning Cameron from racing, the USAC is now looking at updating its current rules.

What do you think? Should the USAC allow Molly Cameron to race in the men's category?

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