The Peddler: Clipping in to a road bike

At this point, I still don't really know. I've written in these columns about being in nature, sharing community with others and getting a nice workout in. All of those things are lovely and true.

But right now, it's harder for me to focus on those pleasant things. The falling, the bruises, the pain, the clothes that make me look a bit dorky—these are what I keep relating to cycling. Not to mention, I'm spending so much time on the bike, my husband's starting to miss me on weeknights.

My coach promised me it does get better.

"You'll get to the point where you will have fun. You'll love it," she said.

I really trust this woman. Not only is she generally trustworthy, but when I ride with those other women, I see how happy they are to be on two wheels.

I really admire one of the women I ride with. She considers herself to be a new rider, but she's an expert compared to me. She recently told me that she rode her bicycle for five months before clipping in. I've only been on the bike for a month, so that made me feel a little better.

Hopefully I'll get there. At the very least, I'll get there by July 26. But, I sure hope it's sooner.

To find out more information about The Rapha Women's 100 or to pledge to ride July 26, visit Rapha's site.

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