The Best Stocking Stuffers for Cyclists


Wahoo's SUF Training App


Wahoo's SUF training app has recently released two new plans designed to help cyclists transition from outdoor riding to the indoor season. Both plans were created by Wahoo's sports science team (led by accomplished high-performance coach Neal Henderson) and include on-bike training, as well as strength and mobility elements to help your cyclist unlock their potential during the offseason. 

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State Bicycle Company Bottle Opener


No outdoor activity or bike ride is complete without a refreshing beverage at the end. The State Bicycle Bottle opener is the perfect accessory for your cyclist—it's mountable on any wall or any bicycle water bottle cage mount. We think the inscribed "Always A Good Time" message is especially fitting, too. 

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Secure the expensive bike your cyclist got for the holidays with the Z LOK COMBO by Hiplok. The Z LOK offers extreme flexibility and adjustability within a small and sleek security tie, perfect as an easy option to keep bikes and gear secured onto car racks or just outside a coffee shop as your cyclist steps away and places their order. It's not as secure as a U lock or chain lock, but it's a lightweight deterrent for opportunity thieves. 

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Bicycling All Access


Your cyclist no-doubt reads all the great content Bicycling Magazine produces, and now they offer an "All Access" pass with tons of perks your cyclists will enjoy. From an annual print subscription and unlimited digital access, to exclusive expert guides and a members-only newsletter, there's a whole lotta value included here for just $40 per year. 

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Endura Hummvee Lite Icon Glove 


It's the glove preferred by legendary trials cyclist Danny MacAskill, so they're bound to be good, right? To help foster a better connection with your cyclist's bike, the Hummvee Lite Icon Glove has a lightweight, minimal construction that delivers exceptional bar feel while still providing a layer of durable fabric covering to protect skin from the occasional spill.

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Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor


The first-generation Wahoo TICKR heart rate monitor was loved by cyclists due to its long battery life and reliable connectivity, and for the latest generation, Wahoo built on this foundation and added even more features. Your cyclist can now connect up to three Bluetooth devices and pair simultaneously with ANT+, the pod is 10 percent slimmer and the battery life has increased to 500 hours (up from 350 hours). It's more comfortable too, with a redesigned strap with an integrated pod design.

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Feed Zone Table with free Skratch Paper


Despite being an individual endeavor, cycling is arguably just as social as any other sport out there. Help your cyclist and their friends refuel with the recipes found in the "Feed Zone Table," a cookbook by Chef Biju Thomas and Dr. Allen Lim. They highlight family-style meals to nourish life and sport, and there are over 100 delicious recipes to make and gather around a table to enjoy. 

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Knog Oi Bike Bell


Gone are the bike bells of yesteryear that weighed a ton and had a terribly harsh sound. The Knog Oi bike bell is all about style and functionality, all wrapped up in a package weighing less than an ounce. The high-pitched ring cuts through traffic noise to alert pedestrians and others of your cyclist's presence, and the deep harmonic adds long, clear tones that are pleasing to the ear. 

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