Our Favorite Cycling YouTube Videos Ever

Phil Gaimon's YouTube Channel

More famous for his cookie-fueled exploits than his professional resume, former American pro cyclist Phil Gaimon has become a media maven of sorts. His YouTube channel features a series called "Worst Retirement Ever" showcasing his attempts to snag Strava KOMs on iconic climbs from his professional friends or former dopers. It's funny, insightful and entertaining—despite the heaps of product placements. 


Road Bike Party 2—Martyn Ashton

If you thought your road bike could only handle perfect tarmac, think again. Produced by YouTube cycling authority GCN (Global Cycling Network), this video highlights some seriously impressive bike handling and tricks from Martyn Ashton. For over six minutes, Ashton subjects his road bike to punishing obstacles that include water slides, loops and fallen trees. Once completed, check out GCN's profile for other great cycling content. 


Most Exciting Breakaway Ever, Froome vs. Sagan

It's rare to have the yellow jersey in a four-man breakaway, let alone the yellow jersey AND the green jersey. When Peter Sagan and Chris Froome separated from the peloton during Stage 11 of the 2016 Tour de France, they left both fans and the peloton scratching their heads. Sagan easily snagged the stage win, and Froome gained time on his GC competitors. Both men won their respective jerseys that year. 


How to Remove and Install a Bicycle Tire & Tube

It's dry, it's boring—you won't exactly turn this on while you're doing intervals on your stationary trainer. But all cyclists should know bike maintenance basics to prevent major issues (or know how to fix them) while out on the road. Park Tool is a trusted bike tool manufacturer in the cycling scene, and its instructional videos are some of the best around. 


Lance Armstrong's WEDŪ YouTube Channel

The once-disgraced cyclist has slowly begun reentering the cycling scene, and we couldn't be happier. His new brand, WEDŪ, has created a YouTube channel (called THEMOVE) dedicated to sharing content around industry news, interviews with pro cyclists and race recaps. Armstrong's daily Tour de France stage summaries are wildly popular, and it's interesting  to hear takes on the day from someone who's been there, done that.  


Angry Professional Cyclists Fights & Bike Throws Compilation

Cyclists are known for having a flair for the dramatic, and this compilation video highlights some of the best we've seen on the cycling scene. From carbon-shattering bike throws to colorful confrontations, these examples will either leave you scratching your head or laughing out loud. Either way, it's entertaining to say the least. 


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