How Not to Take Your Next Strava KOM

It's common knowledge that if you don't post your ride on Strava, it never happened. Additionally, snagging a KOM is next to godliness and is only reserved for the most matching, most hairless and most dedicated cyclists. Avoid these six sinful commandments while on your quest for digital glory.

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Being led out.
Sure, you'll probably grab the KOM if six of your buddies pull you over the hill to victory—subsequently rendering that segment practically unbreakable. Be fair and ride it yourself, giving the rest of us common folk a fighting chance.

Reckless riding.
Riding downhill is fun, and riding fast downhill is even more fun. But there is a fine line between recklessness and safety. If you have to take a wide turn into an oncoming lane, you're going too fast. If you have to run a red light, you're breaking the law. It's more fun to pick up a KOM safely than to have your spouse pick you up from the hospital.

During a crazy tailwind.
Tailwinds are one of the best parts of cycling, and should be taken advantage of. However, if the tailwind is during some gale force winds, don't try to take the KOM. It's not normal for the area, and it just shows you're less aero—not stronger.

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Taking a second shot.
Make the leaderboard but didn't grab that KOM? Don't try it again the same day. It looks bad. Go ride your bike somewhere else and come back next week.

Park and ride.
Grabbing a KOM is easier when your legs are fresh, obviously. But don't figure out where the segment starts and park nearby so you can hit it. Be normal and include the segment in your Saturday ride.

Using your car.
It's easy. Don't forget to turn your Garmin off before you get in the car and drive home. Strava will flag the ride, but you'll make the leaderboard mad when you take their KOM for a couple days.

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