Cold-Weather Riding: Tips to Stay Warm on the Bike

The Legs

Another rule of thumb is to keep knees covered anytime the weather is below 50 degrees. This helps keep them warm and protected from the cold air, thus keeping them properly lubricated and functioning. For semi-cold weather, short cycling tights are a good option; they come down just below the knee without covering the entire leg.

Cycling leg warmers are also very convenient as they are easy to zip on and off quickly as needed. For colder weather, full cycling tights range from lightweight to heavy and waterproof, or you can find insulated cycling pants.

The Arms

Like cycling tights and pants, arm warmers can be used to keep arms warm in semi-cold conditions. Arm warmers can be quite useful for days that start out cold and warm up as the sun comes out. As the weather warms, the arm warmers can be rolled down or taken off and stored in your jersey pocket. Again, there are varying degrees of thickness and insulation of arm warmers.

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On winter days that don't warm up, wear a long-sleeved jersey (either insulated or not depending on the cold) for your middle garment as described above.

Basic Apparel

Now that we've gone over the cold-weather apparel to protect the body, don't forget the basics: A proper helmet, good cycling shorts with chamois and proper cycling shoes.

Now, adequately armed with what it takes to stay warm in the cold, you're ready to hit the road year round. You'll love it and your fair-weather cycling buddies will be envious. So just get out there and ride. Don't let a cold day keep you inside, just prepare for the cold properly.

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Frank Eastland started cycling 15 years ago after retiring his running shoes. Since then, he's become an avid road cyclist and budding mountain biker. Frank rides numerous centuries and long-distance day rides. He is a member of the board of Bike Roswell!, a bicycle advocacy group, and manages marketing and events for Roswell Bicycles in Roswell, GA. Contact Frank at

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