Body-Hair Removal Methods for Athletes


Pulling individual hairs out with tweezers is effective for hair removal. The hair must be long enough to grasp with the tweezers.


  • Inexpensive
  • Can easily be done at home


  • Very time consuming for large areas
  • Painful


This method is effective for pulling out large amounts of hair at one time. The method involves spreading warm wax over an area and allowing the wax to cool. The cooled wax grabs onto the hairs. Some waxes have a cloth applied to the surface, so when the wax cools the cloth can be easily grasped. Other waxes do not require the cloth.

The wax is then quickly pulled off in the opposite direction of growth, pulling out the hair shaft and bulb.


  • Because hair base is pulled out, overall results will last longer than shaving. Some hair growth may appear after approximately 10 days; but some people can go between four and eight weeks with good results.
  • Results are best when done by a trained professional.
  • There tends to be less likelihood for ingrown hairs with this method, compared to shaving.
  • Most professionals will wax the female bikini lines.
  • It is possible to do your own waxing at home, but you may need some help.
  • Some people believe that the hair grows back finer after waxing, but others disagree.


  • Some people find the procedure very painful.
  • The wax can be too hot and damage skin.
  • Some people can get skin irritation from the wax itself.
  • The wrong wax can be used in delicate areas.
  • Some people are uncomfortable having their groin area exposed to a waxing professional.
  • Not all professionals will wax the male undercarriage.
  • Costs vary from $50 to $100 for a typical leg and bikini area, depending on how much groin area you have waxed and your particular city.
  • For the best results, you must wait for four weeks after you last shave before waxing. The hair must be a certain length for the wax to grab it and pull it out. Not too long and not too short. It is best if hair is 0.25 to 0.5 inches in length.

Sugar waxing is similar to traditional waxing, but a caramelized substance is used rather than wax. The advantage is easier clean-up due to the water solubility of the substance used.


This is a chemical lotion application that is done at home. The chemical is applied and left for some three to 15 minutes. The chemical literally melts the hair away.


  • It's inexpensive compared to waxing.
  • The application of lotion can be done at home.
  • Some people have fewer ingrown hairs with this method.


  • It can be very messy.
  • Because the chemicals melt hair, these chemicals can also damage skin.
  • The groin area is more sensitive and while the chemicals may work on legs, they may not work on the groin.
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