9 Tips to Avoid Cycling Burnout

Most cyclists enjoy the physical and psychological benefits from riding their bikes. Physical activity, stress relief, adventure, discovery, friendship and camaraderie are just a few of the rewards reaped from time spent on the bike. But every now and then, cycling can become a chore that isn't so fun. The rigors of daily training and long hours in the saddle challenge even the most diehard cyclists to stay motivated.

The key is to approach cycling in the correct way. By keeping cycling fun, you'll be less prone to burnout and will want to ride more often.

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Keep Things in Perspective

It's common for cyclists to lose sight of what's important in the quest to lose weight, gain fitness or attain a performance goal. The common approach to training is to force our bodies to perform at a high level in a short period of time in order to reach our desired goals as quick as possible.

This approach is doomed to fail. Even the most dedicated, strong-willed cyclist will at some point either stop riding completely or significantly decrease participation if the focus isn't on keeping it fun. To regain the proper perspective, try to remember what you like about cycling and why you began riding in the first place.

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Ride Easy

So how can you keep cycling fun? Learn to ride easy. Riding easy means riding at a pace that allows for conversation. Talking with your training partner not only will make the time pass more quickly, but it will also keep you from riding too hard—one of the major causes of burnout.

Riding easy also depends significantly upon the terrain you select. Be sure to keep individual ability and fitness levels in mind when selecting your route. Tackling tough climbs or riding in bad weather too frequently is a quick way to make cycling feel like a chore. That isn't to say challenging rides aren't important—it just isn't meant to be a daily occurrence.

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