7 Inspirational Bikepacking Videos on YouTube


For cyclists, there's nothing better than a long, hard ride. While many of us train multiple days a week, there's something different about the idea of riding for days on end across unforgiving terrain. It makes us uncomfortably excited, and after all, isn't that what cycling's all about?

Bikepacking is exactly what it sounds like—it's essentially carrying all the gear on your bike for multi-day adventures—and it has exploded in popularity in recent years. Thankfully for us cycling fans, many people have shared their bikepacking exploits on YouTube for our viewing pleasure, and we listed seven of our favorite videos, ranging from a wild trek through Alaska's Gulf Coast to a 15,000-kilometer journey from China to the Netherlands. 

No, they're not exactly relatable, but if you're the type of cyclist who finds themselves daydreaming about the open roads long after you've hung up your bike, these videos might just provide the inspiration you need to draft an itinerary and head off on your own far-flung bike adventure. If not, they're simply a great way to spend a couple hours on the trainer or relaxing on the couch after a hard ride—we'll let you decide!

540 MILES || A Colorado Trail Bikepacking Documentary

This is the award-winning documentary about 64-year-old Dave Baumann's 540-mile bikepacking journey across the Colorado Trail. He starts in Denver and ends in Durango, braving Colorado's unforgiving terrain and elevation has he fights through bike crashes, little sleep and water shortages.

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Chronic Wetness - Fatbiking Alaska's Gulf Coast

If you're someone who likes braving the elements and finds comfort in discomfort, "Chronic Wetness" is the video for you. This tandem braves Alaska's Gulf Coast, including facing a seven-day storm, high winds, broken bike parts, un-ridable passes and more. It's an epic video filled with beautiful scenery and of course, lots of suffering. 

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Chasing Wild: Journey Into the Sacred Headwaters

Part conservation lesson, part adventure, "Chasing Wild" is a bikepacking video that shows the exploits of three friends who complete a 400-kilometer bikepacking trip through northwestern British Columbia. Not only do they complete part of their expedition by packraft, but they also outrun a grizzly bear and check out a massive open pit mine.

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Bikepacking the Cairngorms

Watch as this father and son take on the biggest adventure of their lives as they ride their fat bikes through a section of the Cairngorms Loop in Scotland. They faced it all--route changes, wind, rain, snow and even a few river crossings—through their unforgettable journey.

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One Year Cycling the World | a Bicycle Touring Short Film

This couple decided to leave their home in the Netherlands in 2018 and cycle eastward to see how far they could make it. "One Year Cycling the World" is their recap, and it's full of inspiring landscapes, fun personalities and all the ups and downs associated with life on the road. While this video specifically is a must-watch, their Wheels to Wander YouTube channel has a number of videos for bikepacking enthusiasts, including "7 Must-Have Items for Bicycle Touring" and "Biggest Bicycling Touring Mistakes." 

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A bivvy, a phone and a drone: cycling home from China.

With almost half a million views, this bikepacking video is all about one man's four-month journey cycling from the Giant bicycle factory in China back home to the Netherlands, covering 15,000 kilometers through 15 different countries. We thought one comment was especially funny: "It's crazy what some people do to avoid delivery charges..." 

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My Full Experience Bikepacking The GDMBR

GDMBR stands for the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, and this video accounts for one group's epic 26-day journey from northern Montana to southern Colorado. At just under two hours long (and amassing over 800,000 views), the video really captures the sights and sounds of the gravel experience. There's plenty of beautiful vistas to be enjoyed, including the occasional bison or pancake sighting, too.  

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