5 Yoga Poses for Cyclists

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Whether you bike-commute to work, cycle your stress away, or ride for the love of the sport, cycling is a great form of exercise. However, with cycling comes a multitude of body imbalances. The key is to identify these asymmetries and address them before they become a serious injury.

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Cyclists tend to:

  • Forward bend in their trunk
  • Become obsessive and ride for miles and miles
  • Collapse their shoulders
  • Have tight hip flexors
  • Overuse of their ankles

To counter act these typical cycling issues, do these five yoga poses to ride longer and stronger.

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Open Chest Stretch on the Ball

What it does:

  • Stretches the chest
  • Enables increased lung capacity
  • Makes your body more oxygenated so you can ride longer 

Do this before or after your bike ride. Hold the pose up to five minutes

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Face Down Shoulder Stretch

What it does:

  • Opens the anterior deltoids (front of the shoulders). 

In other words, this pose helps open your posture when you are off the bike.  Hold this pose for two to three minutes on each side.

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