20 Things That Caught Our Eye at the 2019 Philly Bike Expo

With the noticeable absence of Interbike in 2019, a few smaller shows like the Philly Bike Expo have filled the void. Industry veterans from around the world descended on the Pennsylvania Convention Center for the 10th edition of this consumer- and industry-oriented cycling expo and trade show.

Part hand-made bike show and part trade show, the Philly Bike Expo focused on both consumers and industry insiders, displaying hand-made bikes, accessories, apparel, components, tools for repair and fabrication and almost anything else you can think of that's bike-related.


Cinelli is known for elegant bars and stems, as well as track bikes that can also double as messenger bikes.


If you want your bottle to stay put, you want a King Cage. It is fabricated from a single strand of steel, and can be bent ever so slightly to ensure your bidon is snug, keeping it from bouncing out on rough roads.


Ortleib makes all manner of bike bags in really cool prints and patterns. They are waterproof, durable and best of all distinctive.



Detroit Cargo makes eye-catching leather goods for both on and off the bike.



A craftsman in carbon, Bill Crumpton makes bespoke carbon bikes, plus disc and caliper brakes with internal routing for brake and shifting controls.


Although Van Dessel is well-known for its cyclocross bikes, it makes a mean road bike, too.


The Abus Game Changer is finally available in the United States, after acquiring CPSC approval and a distributor network. This is the same lid worn by the Spanish Movistar Team on the WorldTour.


Bryton is a new name in North America for GPS bike computers. This Korean-made head unit is available at three different price points and feature sets.


The Fizik Tempo Overcurve R4 Iridescent has such a noticeable and fun finish, we were contemplating the N+1 Bikes Rule as it applies to shoes.


Lights out? Not a problem. You'll be seen when you're wearing the Fizik Tempo Powerstrap R5 Reflective.


Praxis is an OEM parts supplier for big brands--like Specialized--as well as selling aftermarket upgrades available to you.


Looking for more teeth? This large Praxis chainring has 55 of them.


Spanish component manufacturer Rotor makes a 13-speed cassette, for 1x drivetrains with a 10/52 range.


Hydraulic shifting for road bikes lags slightly behind cross and mountain bikes, but not for long--expect to see this novel way to shift gears on road bikes in 2020.


Turbolito tubes have changed expectations about what innertubes should be. They weigh a fraction of what traditional butyl tubes do and are much more puncture resistant too. They will be available in the U.S. in road tire widths in 2020.


If shiny is your thing, VeloOrange makes all the things in shiny versions: components, accessories and framesets.


The Wahoo Kickr bike can help you take your indoor riding to the next level. It can dynamically adjust resistance, simulate climbs and descents and maybe even distract you from the fact you're riding indoors.


A WorldTour pro level road bike, this Wilier (pronounced vee-lee-er) has a remarkable iridescent copper front end and was spec'd out with the latest drivetrain from SRAM and wheels manufactured by Mavic.


The Weis Hammer road bike look so fast even when not in motion. Oh, and check out that stacked seat stay junction.


If you want pro-grade tools, look no further than Silca's Ypsilon Y-wrench, available as standalone or in a variety of upgrade options.

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