10 Things I Wish I Knew From The Start

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Correct Quick Release Skewer Position

For a quick release to be properly closed it has to be fully closed and in order for it to be fully closed it has to be pushed in beyond the level of the seat or chain stays or the front fork. So don't line it up with the frame or the fork, close the lever to the side of the seat stay, rear stay or front fork to ensure it is properly engaged.

Check Your Helmet Regularly

On a slightly gloomier note, be sure to check your helmet regularly for cracks. Even a knock while transporting it can cause the foam to crack and certainly if you've had any kind of fall inspect it well. Your helmet is designed to break instead of your head so please, please make sure it's up to the task.

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Don't Run on Empty

Imagine you had a fuel tank in your car that steadily leaked fuel out. A bad approach to taking a journey would be to leave in the morning, forget to fill up with gas, run out of fuel on the way and end up pushing your car home, then when you get home fill the tank up with gas and subsequently leave your car sitting outside steadily dripping gas out before you climb in it the next day and repeat the same mistake all over again.

Crazy? Yes, but that's very often the approach people take to fueling themselves before and during a ride: limiting fuel when it's really needed and trying to make up for it after all the hard effort has been done. So, do yourself a favor and fill up before you go and then keep topping up as you expend the energy. Life will seem much more pleasant that way and you won't end up doing the cycling equivalent of pushing your car home (i.e. bonking!).

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