10 Things I Wish I Knew From The Start

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We all slowly gather more information and experience the more we ride our bikes. We learn by reading, making mistakes, talking to people, observing others and much of the time by generally figuring things out as we go along. However, there are a few "light bulb" moments, as I like to call them, where in the past I have learnt something that I truly wished I'd known from the first moment my butt touched a bicycle saddle.

Since then I've seen my clients go through the same enlightenment process time and again with cries of "why hasn't anyone told me this before?". Some of them may seem simple, maybe you already know them all, but for some of you out there...prepare for some cycling enlightenment.

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Can't Reach Your Brakes When You're in the Drops?

You can ask your bike shop to move the hoods down, thereby bringing the brake levers closer to the drops, to prevent that awkward reaching feeling (especially for those with small hands).

You can also have the levers themselves adjusted to bring them in closer, making it easier to get your fingers on the brakes.

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A Dropped Chain Doesn't Mean You Have to Get Off Your Bike

Allow the bike to coast but keep pedaling and gently shift your front derailleur away from the direction that the chain has dropped. Be gentle and the chain should catch back onto the chain ring.

Obviously if you're going uphill this becomes more difficult but don't be surprised if you feel a helping hand on your back pushing you to keep you rolling as you ease the chain back on. Still not sure? Try it off the bike just turning the pedals with your hands and you'll see how it can work on the road.