10 Bike-Fix Essentials

10- to 12-Inch Adjustable Wrench

Also called a crescent wrench (look in your household toolbox; you may already own one), it has a dial that adjusts its jaws.

Use it: On just about any size nut, but also to straighten a bent chainring or disc-brake rotor.

Y Hex Wrench

Its 3-pronged design includes 4-, 5-, and 6mm hex wrenches, the most commonly used sizes.

Use it: As your go-to wrench.

Pedal Wrench

Thin-jawed tool that fits the skinniest of pedal axles.

Use it: To tighten, counterclockwise on the nondrive side; clockwise on the drive side.

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Hex Wrench Set (with ball ends)

A set of wrenches (named for their shape) that includes 1.5-, 2-, 2.5-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 8-, and 10mm sizes.

Use it: On almost any bolt found on modern bicycles.

Cable Cutter

This bike-specific tool has meshing triangular jaws to ensure a clean cut without causing frayed ends on cables or leaving sharp burrs on housing.

Use it: To snip cables, cut housing, and crimp caps.

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