The Truth About Lactic Acid

Fiction It causes post-ride soreness.

In fact, when you ease the pace, the rate at which your body pumps out lactate slows. It doesn't pool in your legs and make them hurt. Next-day soreness is more likely the result of damage to muscle and connective tissue, or plain old inflammation. Instead, speed up the healing process with these Top Foods for Post-Workout Recovery.

Train it

"The better you are at using lactate for energy," says Gladden, "the better your exercise endurance." You can teach your body to use lactate more efficiently by putting in lots of miles. But upping your intensity will do the trick in less time. Structure your rides so you spend 10 to 20 percent of the time going hard, at an exertion level of 70 to 80 percent (or higher) of your all-out effort.

Lactate Threshold \n.\ the point during exercise at which your body is producing lactate faster than your muscles can use it (Learn how to Find Your Lactate Threshold)

More: The Basics of Lactate Threshold Interval Training

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