4 Tires That Help You Bike Faster

Continental Grand Prix 4000s

The long-wearing Grand Prix 4000s uses a grippy rubber compound to acheive good traction on nearly any surface and withstand abuse on gravel roads. (Also, avoid these 8 Common Biking Mistakes to prevent other mishaps on the road) A Vectran breaker belt adds a layer of puncture resistance.

Though less supple than some racing treads, the 4000s grips well, even on wet roads. Choose 23mm or 25mm--the latter measures slightly narrower, so it's not as cushy as other 25mm tires.--Mike Yozell Price: $75 Weight: 221 grams (25mm) Info: conti-online.com

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Deda Tre Corsa RS

This tire uses the same materials, high thread count, and design found on the Italian brand's top-shelf sew-ups, resulting in a fast, supple ride. Even mounted on heavy wheels, the Corsa RS made our test bike feel energetic and responsive. That speed comes at the cost of comfort—23mm is the only width, and our tires measured 21mm, so there isn't much volume to soak up bumps. (Make sure then, that your body's in the Best Riding Position for Speed)

The finely textured rubber offered great traction. Choose black or a classic skin-wall look. Price: $65 Weight: 198g (23mm) Info: dedatre.com

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Maxxis Rouler

The Rouler isn't the lightest model in Maxxis's line of clinchers, but the 120-tpi casing and dual-compound tread roll fast and ride well—it's not groundbreaking performance, but it's on par with other excellent clinchers. A breaker belt adds some flat protection, but it doesn't extend around the sidewalls. The tire comes in nine color options, but only one width—23mm. This isn't the most durable, long-wearing tire, but it will add some speed and pep to your bike.

Not sure if the extra price is worth it? Read our bike gear guide on When to Splurge and When to Save. Price: $63 Weight: 202g (23mm) Info: maxxis.com

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Bontrager R4

The R4 blends performance and reliability. A 220-tpi casing comfortably connects riders to the road and accelerate quickly. (To go even faster, follow these 15 Proven Ways to Go Faster) The round profile feels stable and predictable in corners, and the puncture-protection bed helps the tires resist flats.

Bontrager says the tires have an aero wing. We weren't able to test its performance in a wind tunnel but the theory is sound: A narrow lip reduces turbulence by smoothing the transition between the tire and brake surface. The grippy R4s wear quickly; save them for special events. Weight: 182g (23mm) Price: $70 Info: bontrager.com

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