10 Reasons to Start Biking to Work

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Go ahead. Keep pounding your head against the steering wheel during another rush-hour traffic jam.

Maybe it will finally knock some sense into you.

Many of you are prime candidates to become bike commuters—mostly, you have a bike, and your commute isn't unbearably far. The question is, why aren't you?

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The benefits of biking to work are endless. It's healthy, it saves you money, and it's a lot more fun than driving your car all over town.

Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons why biking to work is something you should start doing:

Save Money

How many different ways does bike commuting save money? Let's roll through a few examples:

  • You are no longer buying as much fuel for the car, and we don't need to be reminded of rising gas prices.
  • Your car is not going to break down as much if you're not driving it as much.
  • If your auto insurance company is aware that you don't drive to work anymore, they may drop your premiums.
  • Free parking for bikes!

And that doesn't even cover the long-term financial benefits of being healthier due to your increased activity. Face it: any way you look at it, bike commuting saves you some serious cash.

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Any Bike Will Do

You don't need a $5,000 ride to commute to work. Get a hybrid bike for a few hundred bucks. Or just drag that old bike out of your garage. That'll work.

Bike commuters would benefit from having accessories like a fender (to keep you from getting dirty) and a rack (for carrying gear if you don't prefer backpacks). But for the most part, a commuter bike doesn't have to be an expensive investment. And, let's be real: it's way cheaper than a car.

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A Practical Workout

If you're time-crunched and juggling family, work and fitness, bike commuting is a way to kill two birds with one stone.

A flat, 5-mile commute will burn around 500 calories a day. Biking to work is an ideal way to get your daily physical activity without needing to set aside time solely for working out.

Because You Won't Miss Traffic

If you're in a big city, and your commute is bogged down by daily traffic jams, ask yourself how much you enjoy sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic twice a day.

Now, as a cyclist, would you enjoy that 10-mile commute a little more if you were flying down the road on your bike?

Thought so.

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