3 Easy No-Cook Recipes

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When temperatures soar, the last thing you want to do is sweat over a hot stove.

Your solution? Make a delicious, three-course meal without turning on the oven.

No-cook recipes are perfect for sultry summer evenings when you want your kitchen to stay cool. And don't think "no-cook" means baby carrots and bowels of cereal.

As this easy menu proves, with a bit of creativity you can make an amazing dinner full of nutrients a runner's body needs without a single pot or pan.

No-Cook, No Problem

To make your no-cook meals no sweat, follow these tips from Diane Henderiks, a dietitian and personal chef.

Shop at the Market

With summer in full swing, farmers' markets are plush with a dizzying array of fruits and vegetables that add a bonanza of raw flavor and nutrition.

Covet Convenience

The grocery store offers many nutritious, semi-prepared foods that make no-cook meals a breeze. Frozen mixed vegetables, deli turkey slices, canned fish, rotisserie chicken, smoked salmon and beans are great bases for a meal.

Blend Soup

Cold soups make for a nutritious addition to a stove-free meal. Fresh vegetables, yogurt and fruit can be transformed into chilly soups with great success by mixing ingredients in a blender or food processor.

Elevate Salads

To turn the humble salad into a satisfying meal, start with a base of dark greens and build from there. Get creative with ingredients like fresh herbs, dried fruit, canned chickpeas, shaved Parmesan and thawed frozen shrimp. You can also try hollowing out raw tomatoes or bell peppers and filling the shells with canned crab and diced veggies.

Don't Shun Sandwiches

Sandwiches are a great way to go gourmet without using the stove. Make them more interesting by trying different types of whole-grain breads, crunchy vegetables, interesting proteins (like turkey, ham or marinated tofu) and artisanal cheeses. Top with a flavorful spread. Homemade pesto or olive tapenade can make any sandwich more interesting.

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