What to Pack in Your Camping First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Whether your camping trip takes you far afield or you're more comfortable sticking to the trail leading down to the local lake, even a minor illness or injury can spoil your adventures. That is, unless you have a first aid kit stocked with the right supplies.

The further away from civilization you roam, the more extensive your first aid kit needs to be. And, the bigger your group of happy campers, the more supplies you'll want to have on hand. 

You can certainly buy a camping first aid kit, but you can save some serious souvenir money by making your own. It's not that difficult, and in fact, you probably already have many of the critical items you need right in your medicine cabinet.

What to Store It In

A good camping first aid kit can be as simple as a few heavy-duty, waterproof zipper bags if you're backpacking. You can also upgrade to zipper bags stored inside a rugged plastic storage box with a snap-on lid. Bottom line: You're going to be outdoors. Things are going to get wet or dirty or both. Keeping your kit clean, dry and organized is paramount.

Once you've gathered the recommended items (see below), bag each one separately and label the bags with a thick black permanent marker. This will prevent items from getting jumbled together, and it will save you from frantically searching through your camping gear for what you need, when you need it.

What to Pack 

The idea is to make your kit as small and compact as possible, while still having enough items on hand to fix the types of injuries common to camping. Yes, camping is supposed to be enjoyable, but as with most types of outdoor activities, there's still the element of risk. Plan for fun, but be prepared.

Since a drugstore or supermarket may not be close by, having a little of everything on hand is a good idea. You can always re-stock, and as you gain more camping experience, you may find that you're carrying too much of some things or not enough or others. Keep in mind that you can add to or delete from your kit according to personal needs. Following is a list of recommended items to get you started:

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