Parent's Guide to Baseball Bat Weight

One of the most common errors a parent can make for their son or daughter is buying them a baseball or softball bat that is too heavy--thinking that they'll grow into the bat at a later date.

Some of the most important aspects of hitting include control, balance and bat speed. If a bat is too heavy the player can't develop in these areas of hitting and subsequently loses confidence, struggling with their development of a smooth swing.

When buying a bat, parents and players should always err on the lighter side rather than the heavier side. But how does a player determine what is the proper weight for a bat? 

Here are a few tips to help young sluggers get the right bat weight to help them succeed.

Testing the Weight

Here is one way we teach players at our camps: The player should hold the bat as they would normally, then remove your top hand from the bat and place it around your lower hand's wrist. Now swing the bat. Does the bat feel comfortable and does the player have control?

Determining Control

So how do you go about defining control of the bat? Look to see that during the swing the bat head isn't dropping and/or dragging. Another consideration is whether the player can finish the swing high with speed and control. Always keep in mind your goal as a parent or coach is to develop the bat speed and control of your players.

Find a baseball event in your neighborhood and put your skills to the test.

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