9 Travel Tips for Your Team

Team Travel Tip No. 6: Make a List

Before the team leaves town, make sure to create a cell phone list for each parent to carry with them. This is great to have if someone gets lost during travel, changes in game or practice schedules, etc.

Team Travel Tip No. 7: Travel Kit

Make sure that at least one person is responsible to pack a travel kit. Trust me on this: someone will forget something. If you pack just the essentials, this will help cut down on having to make additional purchases. The kit could include a sewing kit, a pair of scissors, extra pairs of game socks, hair ribbons for the girls, etc.

Team Travel Tip No. 8: Your Very own Slush Fund

Create a "contingency fund" by collecting a small amount (say $10) of money from each team member. When the kids are broke or money is lost, you'll be able to provide some needed cash.

Team Travel Tip No. 9: Take a Vacation

Start looking at planning your vacation time now. Oh I know, you don't even know the exact dates of the tournament yet. But, depending on your employer, they may want a 1 or 2 week advance notice.

Also, find out what the policy on taking an "extended" vacation is at your company, maybe without pay. Will they hold your job if you find your young player is going to a World Series and you might be away from work for up to three weeks? Some employers are willing work with you. But with the job situation today, you don't want to take that chance do you? It's better to ask ahead.

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