Modern fitness training methods

In soccer, fitness is not everything, however the game is nothing without fitness. Proper conditioning provides the player with the physical and psychological foundation to meet the requirements of the game. In order to carry out the technical and tactical demands of the game, players must be physically and mentally fit. Without fitness, technique and tactics soon disappear from the game.

Playing games regularly helps to maintain the fitness level of player, but additional fitness training is often required. Fitness training should be specific to soccer and the ball should be used as often as possible. Use of the ball during practice ensures that the muscles used in soccer are trained and it also raises the level of player motivation. Fitness training methods will always be an important consideration for coaches.

What science tells us about the game:

  • Demands of the game
  • Match activity profile
  1. Endurance
    1. General endurance (Aerobic)
    2. Local muscle endurance (Speed endurance -- Anaerobic)
  2. The three energy systems:
    1. Aerobic system
    2. Anaerobic 1 (ATP)
    3. Anaerobic 2 (Lactic acid)
  3. Speed
    1. Pure speed (speed across the ground)
    2. Technical speed
    3. Perception-action speed
  4. Strength
  5. Power
  6. Flexibility, agility & balance
  7. Recovery training
    1. Assist the body to recover from a match or intensive training
    2. Replenish the energy system for the next event

Physical Testing for Soccer

  1. Aerobic Tests (General Endurance)
    1. Two- mile run (Cooper Test)
    2. Intermittent Recovery Test
  2. Anaerobic Tests (Speed, speed endurance, agility & power)
    1. "Flying" 20 meter dash
    2. Dutch" 5 x 10 meter shuttle
    3. Illinois Agility test
    4. Vertical jump
    5. 300 meter shuttle
    6. Sit-ups and push-ups for 1 min
    7. Sit and reach flexibility test
    8. Skin fold test

Favorite "Husky" fitness training exercises

  1. General endurance training (Aerobic)
    1. Passing drills and small group work with a ball
    2. 10 v.10 playing into end-zones
    3. 11 v. 11 "Midfield break" game
    4. 10 v. 10 + GK " court" game
  2. Speed Endurance training (Anaerobic - 1:2 work to rest ratio)
    1. 220's (Horseshoe)
    2. 100 yard "power runs"
    3. Shuttles (3 x 50 yrds)
    4. "Pressing" for 1 min
    5. Square passing routine
    6. Fitness circuit
  3. Speed training exercises
    1. "Man U" diamond sprint
    2. Build-up sprints
    3. Doggies
    4. "Tactical Sprints with ball
      1. Race for the ball
      2. Pass and move
      3. Speed dribble
      4. Setting-up pass

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