11 Indoor Family Activities

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You're warm and cozy--but you're stuck inside. How do you amuse kids for hours on end?

It can be challenging to come up with various activities, but have no worries, here are 11 ideas to entertain your children.

Stage an Indoor Olympics

Measure how far your children can jump. Teach them to do somersaults and stand on their head. Host a wheelbarrow-racing marathon. Don't forget to present awards.  

Stage a Harmless War

Turn on some band music and march around the house collecting supplies (blankets, kitchen chairs, Q-tips and straws). Help them build forts. Then give them a straw and a handful of Q-tips and let them shoot away. Turn the band music back on as they march around and clean up.  

Bust a Move

Turn on your favorite dance music and show you kids a few moves. Hand them a few props like a hat, scarf, or walking stick and show them how to use it as they move. Not only is dancing fun, but you and your kids will get a great workout accomplished.

Create a Shadow Puppet Show

Choose a fairy tale from Storynory.com and make shadow puppets to represent the charaters. This allows everyone to get creative with their imagination. Practice speaking with different voices. Whether you're the wolf in "The Three Little Pigs" or the fairy godmother in "Cinderella," you and your children are sure to have a memorable afternoon.

Break Out Board Games

When else do children learn how to play Monopoly or Clue or Chinese Checkers? Don't forget about Battleship and Yatzee and Scrabble and Guess Who and Dominoes. Newer games such as Apples to Apples or Settlers of Catan also offer hours of fun.  

Paper Airplanes Anyone?

Make paper airplanes and race them down the stairs. Choose where your planes destination might be and research about that location. This way your kids can learn about geography and have fun with paper airplanes.

Don't Forget About Puzzles

If you don't have any stashed away in a closet, try doing one online at JigZone or Just Jigsaw Puzzles. Puzzles are great for your mind and working together as a family.  

Try a New Recipe

Find a new recipe to try and teach your child how to cook or bake. This way your kids will learn about healthy meal options, ingredients and new math skills. Plus, you all can enjoy a delicious snack together. Check out Cooking with Kids for recipe ideas.

Get Crafty

Is someone's birthday coming up? Have your kids draw pictures, learn how to knit, paint, create cards, paper masks, picture frames, etc. For craft ideas, check out Crafts Kaboose or Allcrafts.net

Sing Together

You can find the words to many children's songs at Grandparents.com.

Get the Band Together

Play musical instruments. Put together a rhythm band or make and play musical water glasses. Don't forget to give your band a name and design your own T-shirts too.