Ragnar Relay: The Good, Bad and Ugly

This is the story of Run.Write.Repeat, a team of 12 running junkies and journalists, who volunteered for ASICS to run a 190-mile relay race, crammed into a stinky van as their teammates ran from Huntington, California to San Diego and fought through the pain, exhaustion (and smells) to finish 30th out of 750 teams.

Find out what happens when people start running Ragnar and start getting real.


As a third-time participant, I've seen it all at Ragnar. Blood and sweat. Check. Insane team spirit. Check. Puke. Unfortunately, that too.

MoreInside the Ragnar Relay

The popular endurance relay race tests participants' physical and mental toughness as they run along trails and roads and over hills across southern California.

Ragnar Relay 
Photo by Jeff Dengate

Every year, racers are faced with some new challenge. Weather, injuries and grouchy teammates can plague runners. The logistics of running and driving long distances over a 24-hour period can test even the most organized teams.

If you're a newbie, here's the inside scoop to help you prep for your first Ragnar Relay. If you're a veteran, you'll likely chuckle at a few of the insights. You might even learn something new.

Here's the good, bad and ugly of Ragnar Relay.


  • You get to run scenic routes, along the coast, trails and through neighborhoods.
  • Sightsee in a new town/city. Since you're running so many miles you'll be able to check out new towns by foot.
  • Experience team spirit/camaraderie.
  • Enjoy the creative team names and humorous costumes (gorilla costumes, sombreros, underwear, tutus and wigs to name a few).

Ragnar Relay

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