Healthy Bacon Barbecue Beef Burger Recipe

Grilled beef burgers and cheeseburgers are iconic symbols of a quintessential American barbecue, but it's easy to exceed the daily recommended amounts of fat, calories and sodium if you consume too many full-fat beef burgers in one meal.

In addition to an obvious high protein content, lean beef contains omega-3 fatty acids, iron, choline, potassium, phosphorous and magnesium—all important nutrients for reducing inflammation in the body, regulating liver and brain functions, circulating oxygen effectively throughout the body, and strengthening bones.

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To create a healthier burger, you don't have to sacrifice on flavor or even beef to make one. While homemade turkey, salmon and veggie burgers provide healthful and tasty alternatives to beef burgers, let's face it: they're not beef burgers, and sometimes you just don't want to mess with tradition. If you select the a very lean type of ground beef—this recipe calls for 96-percent lean—and one that's preferably organic and/or grass-fed, you'll get a better tasting, higher quality and healthier overall product that you can feel good about enjoying in moderation.

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This recipe also doesn't skimp on cheese, and even includes bacon! It's the type of bacon and the cooking method, as well as the type and amount of cheese you use that counts here.


1 pound 96-percent lean ground beef (preferably grass-fed or organic)
4 slices center-cut bacon or turkey (not extra-lean) bacon
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
1 1/2 teaspoons freshly ground black pepper
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
4 teaspoons homemade barbecue sauce
4 ounces low-fat Cheddar cheese*
4 whole-wheat hamburger buns or sandwich thins*

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