4 Lifelong Tips to Keep a Balanced Diet

You spend so much time and effort on your diet that it may be refreshing for you to hear that change can help you reach your goals faster. However, the change I'm talking about doesn't refer to coins. Commitment to your diet doesn't mean you drastically cut every food you love out of your diet. Commitment via change means a dedication to adapt your current eating and exercise regimen to build a system that will work for you in the long run. In other words, how to maintain a balanced diet.

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Keep a Food Journal

The first step in changing your eating habits is to document what you eat. Knowing what you consume on a regular basis is one major key to pinpoint what needs to change. Keeping a log of what you eat, when and what prompts you to eat (hunger, emotion, celebration, etc) will enlighten you on your own eating patterns. Do this for a month and then see what you can tweak.

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Outline Your Goals

Once you have narrowed your eating habit through a food log, the next step is to outline your goals. Having a plan of what you want to do, when you want to do it and what means you will take to make it happen is paramount to change. Doing what you've always done will get you what you've always got. Sure, that's a bit cliche but it's definitely true. If you plan to cut out all carbonated beverages, set your limitations. Does that mean you will never enjoy a soda again? Does it mean you can't have Perrier or club soda? Whatever your guidelines happen to be, outline them and store them in a place you can see regularly so you can enforce the change over time.

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Surround Yourself With Health-Orientated People

Being around those with similar agendas is another way to commit to a change in lifestyle. If all your friends use food as a way to celebrate that doesn't mean you have to drop your friends. What it does mean is that you have add people to you circle who celebrate doing other things such as yoga, a 5K run and other physical activities. If you don't happen to come across those types of people in your everyday life, hop online and search for local meetups, running clubs or adult rec leagues for your favorite activity.

Keep Making Small Changes

Finally, too much of anything is still too much; that applies to change as well. Adapt your lifestyle in a gradual manner so that you can be confident that the change will go beyond the moment. Also, realize that perfection is only obtained in the movies. You will have days when you skip a workout; you will have times when you give into the craving for a brownie. Those things are normal. The key to change is to remember that habits are built through effort and, most importantly, time.

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