Tested and Reviewed: OGIO Endurance Collection Bags

Sometimes, just thinking about what to pack for your triathlon and how to carry your gear can be an exhausting workout.

To make things easier, OGIO recently launched the Endurance Collection, a line of bags designed specifically for the multisport athlete.

We put three of the bags through extensive testing on the beach, on the bike, in the car and on the plane. We're happy to report that the more we used them, the more the design proved its value.

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9.0 Athletic Bag

OGIO Bag 1

MSRP: $150

We'd call this a race bag, but that wouldn't do it justice.

As pictured, you can carry it as a large gym bag. If you let out the straps, you have an exceptionally comfortable backpack. The wide straps spread the weight across your shoulders and the vents keep them cool.

You'll find a pocket for any piece of equipment—we counted 13 pockets on the outside alone. One end of the bag features a watertight, expandable soft pocket for shoes. The bottom contains a separate compartment for a wetsuit and towel.

Our favorite feature is the armored pocket for glasses or breakable items like GPS units. Fully-loaded with 30 pounds of gear, we found that the backpack sat perfectly balanced for long walks to transition areas or to the gate at an airport.

The bag also easily fits in a standard overhead compartment on a plane. We liked it on the beach, as well as on a couple of long, multi-day trips.

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