8 Tough Workouts for Your Fastest Sprint Triathlon Yet

Sprint triathlons can be surprisingly tough, as most of the race can be close to and often beyond your lactate threshold.

In order to deal with this discomfort, it's important to be able to race at a high heart rate and power output. This type of training will help boost your LT and will improve your physical and mental ability to tolerate high levels of lactic-acid production.

Sprint-specific workouts are short but intense and should only be used by experienced triathletes who have a solid base and several races under their belt during the current season. Proper rest and recovery are especially important following these intense workouts; so be sure to schedule the appropriate number of easy recovery or off days in between these efforts.

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Blend some of the following key sprint workouts into your build-up to your next sprint race, and end your season with a PR.

Tempo Brick

45- to 60-minute bike: Warm up and then include 4 x 5K intervals at race-pace effort (2-minute recoveries) on a course that simulates your A-race course.

15- to 20-minute run: Following the bike effort, quickly transition to the run at your 5K race pace. Walk/easy jog for a few minutes for your cooldown.

Track Brick

Complete a 4- to 5-mile ride with the last mile at race-pace effort. Then quickly transition to a 1-mile run on the track. Build speed each quarter, so that the last quarter is at 5K race-pace effort. Complete this pattern two more times for a total of 12 to 15 miles of cycling and 3 miles of running. Following the last mile run, do a walk/easy jog for a few minutes for your cooldown.

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TABATA Bike Intervals

45- to 60-minute bike: Warm up well and then complete 8 x 20 seconds "all-out" with 10 seconds easy spin/rest interval. Complete an easy spin for your cooldown.

30-30's Bike Intervals

Warm up well and then complete 15 to 20 x 30 seconds at 90 percent effort (9 on 1-10 RPE scale) with 30-second easy spin recoveries. Cooldown with an easy spin to round out the 45- to 60-minute session.

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