8 Items for Your Triathlon Gear Bag

#5: Timing Chip Strap

Timing chips usually come with a strap that wraps around your ankle; however, some races have better equipment than others. Athlete's Lounge recommends that you buy your own strap. It fits most standard timing chips and wraps comfortably and securely around your ankle.

Brands Vary, $5-8

#6: Body Glide

You know you're a triathlete if you've dealt with chaffing. But you can be proactive and help ward it off with a good rub. Body Glide comes in a stick similar to deodorant and it can be applied directly to the areas of your body that are most susceptible to rubbing. Be sure to glide it over your neck—where your wetsuit rubs—and under your upper arms where they rub when you run.

Athlete's Lounge Recommends: Body Glide Anti-Chafe Stick, $9-14

#7: Nutrition

If you are competing in anything longer than a sprint triathlon, you need some form of nutrition to help replenish your energy stores throughout the event. Give your body time to adjust and train with the product that that you plan to use on race day. Throw some gel into your triathlon gear bag and give it a try on your next training day.


  • Gu Energy Gel
  • Hammer Gel
  • PowerBar Energy Gel

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#8: Swim Cap

Although you are given a colored cap that corresponds to your age group on race day, you should have your own brightly-colored swim cap for training days. A bright cap makes it easier for other people and lifeguards to keep an eye on you while training in open water.

Brands Vary, $10

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Special thanks to Brittany Olsen and Athlete's Lounge for their time and recommendations.

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