Triathlon Gear Must-Haves for Training in the Rain

#5: Pants

There haven't been a ton of great options for triathletes when it comes to rain pants. In the past, most rain pants are often very bulky and stiff—which leads to abrasions in the front of leg.

Newer rain pant models, which place a priority on ergonomics and fit, will give you the flexibility and comfort you need on the bike. They may be a bit more pricey, but they are well worth the investment.

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  • Showers Pass Roadie Pant $160.00
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#6: Cycling Rain Coat

The challenge with a rain coat for your bike is that you are going to be perspiring quite a bit, and you need a coat that can allow that moisture to escape.

Choose a coat that has plenty of ventilation, along with tape seams that will keep you dry in and out.

Tip: Raincoat fit should reflect your active position-riding arms slightly bent out in front of you with a bend at the waist (roomy shoulders, long coat tail, short coat front).

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  • *Best: Showers Pass Elite Rain Jacket $240.00
  • *Good: Showers Pass Double Century Jacket $125.99

#7: Running Rain Coat

Just like with cycling, when you're running you're going to be sweating a lot. That's why it's crucial that a running rain coat have plenty of wicking capabilities.

Remember that cheaper rain gear doesn't vent perspiration, so you can end up sweating so much you get wetter than being outside without a rain coat.

Athlete's Lounge Recommends:

  • Craft Performance Run Weather Jacket $150.00
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#8: Running Hat

A running hat is crucial to keeping the water out of your eyes while you train. Try to avoid heavy cotton fabrics, and go with a wicking hat that won't weigh you down with extra weight.

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